What is refinancing loan?

Refinancing loan is available for borrowers who have properties. Based on the market value of the property, and the current outstanding loan to the bank, they can apply for the excess cash out.

Why need this loan?

Refinanced loan is much easier to get. The loan amount also depends on the excess market value fo the property, hence it is much more straight-forward. If you have a property to refinance, the risk is much lower for the money lender. If you are unable to pay, they can execute the transfer of the property, and claim back the outstanding money from the default borrower.

Requirements for this loan

You should at least own a property. The differential between the market value of the property and the current outstanding loan charged to the property mush be quite substantial. Else it may not be worth the effort to get the cash out. In addition, your condition of your property and its surrounding  area will also be assessed for its marketability and resale value.

Who are we?

We are licensed money lender with much experience in this refinancing loan. We can help you check on the value, and advise how much excess cash you can get out of your property. We will also help assess your repayment ability, to ensure you are able to repay the loan.

We specialises in KL, Selangor, Johor as well as other parts of Malaysia, which includes Malacca, Penang, Pahang, Negeri Sembilan and Perak.

Our services’ feature:

  • Easy application process – call us for preliminary assessment over the phone. And meet up face to face for actual assessment.
  • Low document requirements – our sales staff will advise you on the documents required. Rest assured, the documents will be much lower than other companies.
  • Fast approval process – Once the loan documents and face to face interview is done, the loan approval result can be obtained in 24 hours – hours’ time.
  • Quick disbursement of loan – We will release the money as soon as possible, once we have the loan approval result.
  • Flexible tenure – Loan tenure is flexible. You can make full repayment if you have additional cash.


We provide you with suitable loans according to your personal needs and repayment ability. Besides that, we now offer free consultation. Therefore, if you have any loan needs, please contact us.