About Us

What is licensed money lender?

Licensed money lender is a company which is registered with SSM, and authorised by KDNK to loan money to those in need of loan. The industry is heavily regulated, hence the credit profile check and interest rates are also regulated by the authority.

Why need to borrow from licensed money lender?

Sometimes, you may have emergency funding needs. Whether it is for business purpose or for personal reason, you just needed some fast cash to help you overcome the financial difficulty. You should always look for licensed money lender, who are experienced, and regulated by the Act. This will ensure that all matters are handled professionally.

Who are we?

We are an experienced licensed money lender with more than 10 years’ experience. We specialises in KL and Selangor, namely focused in Balakong, Cheras, Kajang, Sri Petaling, Puchong, Petaling Jaya, Subang, Damansara, Kepong, Shah Alam, Klang and Putrajaya. We also cover Johor, Perak, Penang, Melaka and Negeri Sembilan for business loan. 

Our services 

We provide all type of loans, such as:

  1. Business loan – specific for business established for more than 1 year. It could be trading, manufacturing, retail or services type of businesses.
  2. SME business loan – targeted to small business owners, with running businesses, whether it is factories, shops, offices, or even retail lots or hawker stalls.
  3. Personal loan – Most common loan for borrowers who had permanent employment with a company. The borrower must also have fixed salary credited into the bank, and must show historically good credit profile, and employment check.
  4. Working capital loan – Especially for businesses which requires working capital funds for business operation. It could also extend to businesses which needs additional funding to execute a particular project. This is backed by letter of award of a particular project.
  5. Refinancing loan – Refinancing loan may be an option if the borrower has an existing property still charged with the bank. The market value of the property has increased significantly, which allows the owner to get excess cash out from the property.
  6. Caveat loan – suitable for borrowers who owns fully paid up properties and lands. We can sign sales and purchase agreement, and caveat the property from being sold. The SPA will be stamped if the borrowers are not able to repay the loan.


Our feature

  • Easy application process – We are known for our easy application process. Preliminary assessment will be conducted on the phone regarding your qualification. Once satisfied, we will arrange a face to face meet up, as well as to assess your document.
  • Low document requirements – Standard minimal documents are needed for us to assess your loan affordability. Such as IC copy, bank statements for your company, or payslip, bank statements and EPF for those under employment, as well as other documents to proof your ownership of the assets.
  • Fast approval process – Once we received complete documents, we can approve your loan within 24 hours – 48 hours.
  • Flexible tenure – Our loan tenure is flexible according to borrower’s needs and preference. We also allow early repayment if you have excess cash.
  • Quick disbursement of loan – Once your loan is approved, we can arrange for quick disbursement of money. We will either transfer to you via online, or pass the cash directly to you.


Therefore, if you are ever in need of urgent money, please look for licensed money lender. Look for us to enquire. We believe our professional and fast service would help you overcome your financial difficulty within a short period of time.